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The Evolution of a Brand

Get on Board (or skis!)

NIVIS® began as a crazy idea of Carter Ramos, a then 16-year old snowboarder and generally acknowledged all-around good guy. Pretty simple, he wanted to make winter gear that he would actually want to wear and use. That’s how it started but not where it ends. Today it’s apparel and accessories, one day very soon it will be a full line of high performance gear. Welcome Winter is our slogan. Not only is it strangely catchy and memorable, it perfectly represents what we are all about. It is simple, to the point, one might say an “ethos”. Rope drop is something we dream about. Wearing NIVIS gear means you are one of us. Show the world. Wear NIVIS.

Calling All Riders; It’s Time to Suit Up

Comfort IN snow and off-season

Your gear is the one of the things that sets you apart. Whether you’re waist deep in powder or pounding pizza at the lodge; NIVIS-branded gear is designed for comfort in any climate with a touch of style. NIVIS apparel is all-purpose and built to last. But our versatile supply of products will cover more than just winter wear, NIVIS apparel and accessories let you express love for your sport all year.

Lifestyle Apparel for Winter Sports Enthusiasts

Make your own fresh tracts

Nailing tricks, bombing hills at vision blurring speed, carving slopes; this is what we ride for. The thrill of the perfect run gets you right back on the lift. We get it. NIVIS gear is designed for you and what you do; whether that is shredding the mountain, or just chilling with your friends.