Welcome Winter!


A new winter season is here and we are pleased to report that the jacket we have been perfecting over the last several years is finally complete and will be for sale in 2022. You may spot a few pre-production test jackets this winter on some of the best mountains in the U.S. and internationally. Speak up if you see one and ask the wearer what they think. This jacket is crazy good.

When you put on your current jacket do you nod your head slowly and smile; if not, you don't have the right jacket. This is that jacket. All the features you demand, feels like you aren't even wearing a jacket, and the fit, colors, and styles are dead on. NIVIS is not for everyone. You are the best, you need to be wearing the best.

We will be rolling out a new website, along with details of the jacket launch in Q1 2022. We are not a mass market company, our jackets are premium and unique, and will be exclusive to those in the know and those who appreciate and demand excellence. We anticipate strong demand for the jackets and will be taking deposits to guarantee receipt.

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